Case Studies


Who: Logistics Company

Stated Challenge: Operates a fleet of trailers that often are dropped in areas where they may remain for weeks with no visibility. Required a tracking and reporting method where the trailers reported in various time intervals without being connected to power for extended periods of time.

Solution: Sicuro integrated an IP67, GPS 4G tracker with a custom designed, fast charging board and an off-the-shelf Li ion battery. Includes an optional solar panel charging method.
Result: Trailers and trucks  report during various time intervals according to different power states for weeks. The SaaS application and integrated hardware can be managed at the device and group level. This system protects non-powered assets. 


Who: Manufacturer

Stated Challenge: Limited critical tooling was required to be shared within an extremely large manufacturing facility.  This tooling, when needed, required hours to find. This created loss in productivity and operational efficiency.

Solution: Sicuro integrated a low energy Bluetooth (BLE) tracking device in the tooling in order to provide for an on demand location application that operated on a tablet or smartphone. This reduced the location time to seconds.
Result: There was over a 100%+ increase in productivity that resulted in increased operational efficiency and a production time cost savings.


Who: Warehouse Operations

Stated Challenge: Operates several warehouse locations that stored inventory both indoors and outdoors. There was no ,method by which to track either the specific location of the inventory or warehouse equipment.

Solution: Sicuro integrated an IP67, Passive RFID device along with low energy Bluetooth (BLE) tracking device. These devices along with the development of a tailored SaaS application were integrated into the business process.
Result: There was an increase in both productivity and security. This led to a significant cost savings.

Bike Share.png

Who: OEM Research & Engineering Campus

Stated Challenge: Operates a fleet of bicycles for their employees to travel throughout a near 2 mile square area. These bicycles required to be located on demand, inventoried, and secured.

Solution: Sicuro integrated a UHF GPS tracking device that created a private network requiring 4 antennas. This private network did not require ongoing monthly communications cost.
Result: The ability to track the bicycles without the ongoing communications expense resulted in increased productivity when managing this fleet but also significantly reduced the cost of ownership.


Who: Rental Auto Fleet Company

Stated Challenge: Operates a rental fleet of company vehicles that often are dropped in areas where they are difficult to find. It sometimes takes man-hours of locate which results in additional cost of operations and loss of revenue.

Solution: Sicuro integrated an IP67,  BLE device  on the vehicle and parking management UHF private network. Data was communicated via the cloud to the company's mobile communication platform where the data provided to the application assisted in guiding drivers to the assigned parking space. It furthermore identified unauthorized vehicles occupying the parking space and warned the driver it will be towed.
Result: The data that was captured by the Sicuro system resulted in a more efficient operational process that saved time and cost, provided a better customer experience and no loss of revenue.