Inspection Services

Accurate Measurements

Industries Served

•Fossil Power Generation

  •Coal Boilers

   •Natural Gas Boilers HRSG Generator                  (boiler) Flarestacks

   •Coal Bunkers

   •Coal Silos

   •Scrubber Units

   •Storage Tanks

•Nuclear Power Generation

  •Visual exam in containment:

   •Reactor Building

   •Turbine Building

   •Containment Liners

   •Refuel Floor

   •Suppression Chamber Pool Cooling                      Towers

   •Gas Stack

Hydroelectric Power Generation

   •Inside Dam Structures Penstock

•Renewable Power Generation

   •Waste to Energy Boilers Biomass Boilers

•Pulp & Paper

   •HD Pulp Storage Tanks Bleaching Towers            Chlorine Towers Flarestacks

   •Recovery Boilers



   •Water Shafts


   •Storage Tanks

   •Fresh Water Cisterns/Reservoirs Large                Buildings

   •Subway Systems



   •Dry Bulk Cargo Ships

   •LNG Ships

   •Oil Ships

   •Container/Cruise Ship Ballast Tanks


   •API 653 Storage Tank Inspections SP001            Storage Tank Inspections Kilns

   •Pressure Vessels

   •Towers & Stacks



•GPS and compass are both very unreliable inside concrete and steel confined space

•Traditional off the shelf drones rely on a healthy GPS and compass signal to fly effectively

•Legacy One navigation was built with 360° spinning LIDAR in lieu of GPS and compass

•LIDAR is most effective to fly in the pitch black with no pre-placed additional sensors

•LIDAR also naturally takes a distance measurement, giving it native collision avoidance

•Laser-based collision avoidance works much more effectively than optical based in the dark

•LIDAR collects 15,000 points a second, detecting objects as small as an extension cord

•Standard collision avoidance autonomous bumper is set at 5’ radius, 10’ circumference

•Vertical sensors also autonomously keep the vehicle 5’ below the ceiling or roof

•Centering: autonomously find and hold the center of smaller assets (small stacks, tanks, etc)

•This will allow the vehicle to get down to 8ft wide or less assets.

Facelock: Preset a distance from the wall and the L1 will automatically hold that all flight